What Are Penis Sleeves and What Are They For?

November 24, 2020

Medically reviewed by

Anthony Puopolo, MD

A penis sleeve is a device or toy you can wear over your penis to make it larger, longer, or wider.

Penis sleeves are also known as a cock sleeve, penis sheath, cock sheath, dick sleeve, penis extender, or extension sleeve. They're used for pleasure or as a sex toy, but their origins are as an aid for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

For pleasure or function, penis sleeves can be quite helpful for guys and couples today.

What Is A Penis Sleeve?

Penis sleeves come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. They're intended to slip over your penis and change the girth or length, and they can include pleasure-enhancing features like vibration, ribbing, etc.

The simplest way to visualize a penis sleeve is like a wearable dildo, sometimes with a ball strap or hole at the base that fits over the testicles to hold it in place on the shaft of the penis. Many penis sleeves fit over the entirety of the penis, but other types of penis extension sleeves may cover just the shaft, leaving the head exposed for greater sensitivity.

Still other penis extenders consist of two rings connected by a rod that runs parallel to the penis. Rather than cover the penis, the rings are fitted just below the penis head and just above the testicles (like a cock ring), creating a support rod that keeps the penis in an elongated, erect position. This can be helpful for some guys with mild or moderate ED.

Penis sleeves also exist for guys who can't get hard at all.

Do Penis Sleeves Help With Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

In the medical community, penis sleeves are known as external penile prosthetics, and yes, penis sleeves can help with erectile dysfunction.

In fact, penis sleeves and similar penis prosthetics were used for decades to help men with ED have sex. Viagra and Cialis and their ilk were approved for use as the first ED medications in 1998... but guys have been dealing with ED for centuries. Penis sleeves were one of the most attractive options up until the medications emerged twenty years ago.

Even if the penis is not fully hard, a penis sleeve can fit over the member (even a flaccid penis) and give a guy and their partner the sensation of a fully erect penis - in shapes and textures different from their normal one, too.

For some partners and men, the ability to make things look or feel different is an added turn-on that comes with a penis enhancer (hence their use as sex toys or for extra stimulation).

Today, many guys find them to be a compelling solution for ED as they require no prescription or assistance from a medical doctor. Prostheses might be ideal for guys who are not candidates for other ED treatments, like medications, due to existing conditions ( Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors shouldn't be taken by guys with high blood pressure, for example) or who might be taking other medications that can't be mixed with these medications.

A penis extender sleeve can range in price but are low-commitment and easy-to-try; they can be ordered online in no-time. [Kind of like Rex MD these days].

Some penis sleeves are designed for men with complete ED who may not be able to get an erection at all, while others - like Erektor and Elator - can help a mild ED case stay hard for longer.

Do Penis Sleeves Work For PE?

Penis sleeves really shine for guys dealing with premature ejaculation (PE). Because some cover the penis like a condom, they can reduce sensitivity and sensation to help men last longer during penetrative intercourse.

Overall, using a penis sleeve extender can be helpful for men with ED AND premature ejaculation, and these devices can even play an erotic role for couples.

Penis Sleeves For Increased Pleasure

Penis sleeves are often sold as sex toys before sex aids. Penis sleeves come in all shapes and styles for a reason - they can be equally as effective for pleasure as they are for function.

Why use a penis extender?

Penis sleeves can enhance the experience for men and women both, and many couples use them to keep their sex life varied. Penis sleeves can increase penis girth and penis length, which can dramatically change the penetration experience for partners. Even for men, the visual experience of a larger or longer penis can fulfill unexpected fantasies.

Some penis sleeves are intended for G-spot stimulation, for example, and with ribbing, lube, or vibration capabilities they can improve clitoral stimulation. Guys also report success and improved sensation by using lubrication inside the cock extender.

Many have both internal and external ribbing, so both partners get the benefit of a new sensation. And because most penis sleeves are worn over the penis, they can also help men last longer during sex and even provide extra sensation.

What Are Penis Sheaths Made Of?

Penis sleeves are most often made of silicone but also come in rubber and latex. Some extender devices are even made of metal.

Are Penis Pumps The Same As Penis Sleeves?

A penis sleeve and a penis pump are not the same thing. Penis pumps are similar in shape and size to a cock extender but offer a different way to get rid of ED. Penis pumps are slipped over the penis and then have a vacuum function to pull air out of the cylinder. In doing so, they draw blood into the penis, helping to cause an erection.

The penis pump is then removed and the erection can be maintained for enough time for sexual intimacy. Some guys find a cock ring at the base of the penis effective to help keep the erection and blood in place for longer.

Like penis sleeves, some penis pumps are designed for pleasure too, with options available that use lubricant, water, or even vibrating capabilities.

What About Masturbation Sleeves?

A masturbation sleeve is also not quite the same as a cock sleeve. A masturbation sleeve like the popular Fleshlight is designed for masturbation, not intercourse with another person.

However, they're still useful for pleasure and can still be fun for partners to use together.

How To Enhance Penis Size

Penis extenders/sleeves are one way to enhance your penis size without getting into the weeds with sketchy, order-online penis enlargement products (most of which don't work). Very few have real clinical results backing their claims, and the only way to truly get a bigger penis permanently is to use penile implants. They come with their own risks and require invasive surgery.

Penis sleeves are a good alternative. For men suffering from ED or PE, they can be a great option to get started, though guys who are concerned about ED should probably speak with a doctor.

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