How Does Rex MD Work?

September 1, 2020

Medically reviewed by

David Culpepper, MD

At Rex MD, we help men find great solutions to men's health issues. And we're using technology to do it easily, affordably, and discreetly. 

It's Time For Us Guys To Take Care Of Ourselves

Men's health issues went under-diagnosed for decades. Issues like hair loss and erectile dysfunction were off-limit topics of conversation – for doctors and guys alike. 

In fact, men don't go to the doctor like we should.

A survey in 2000 from the Commonwealth Fund found that when asked what they would do if they were in pain or feeling sick, 25% of men said they would wait as long as possible before seeing a doctor, and another 17% would wait at least a week

Men don't go to the doctor when we NEED to. What makes anyone think we'll go for a checkup?

That same survey found that 3X as many men as women had failed to see a doctor in the previous year; more than half of all men had not had a physical exam or cholesterol test in that time.

Rex MD Is Changing The Men's Health Landscape

That's changing, and Rex MD is at the fore of this shift.

We're making important prescription medications and doctor advice accessible to men from the comfort of their own homes, with easy online visits and discreet 2-day shipping on medications 

How does Rex MD work?

Rex MD is a telemedicine platform that helps men access prescription medications for erectile dysfunction. Telemedicine platforms like ours connect patients with doctors virtually for checkups and diagnoses. Patients never have to set foot in a doctor's office.

In some states, this requires a video conference or phone call, but in most it's as simple as filling out a survey describing what's going on. It varies, but all of these systems are designed to save you money, save you time, and speed up the healthcare process. 

At Rex MD, it begins with a virtual, online visit. You fill out a quick survey that gives our U.S.-based and board-certified physicians insight into your current health and medical background. 

You select a medication based on your preferences and needs: for instance, 8 Viagra® doses delivered once every month. 

After completion, your Rex MD physician confirms that the ED prescription medication you selected is a good fit and writes a prescription.

If necessary, they can contact you from the Rex MD Dashboard with follow-up questions, and vice-versa – you can contact your physician from the Dashboard as well if you have questions or concerns about your medication or health situation. 

If approved, your prescription will be in the mail within about 48 hours.

We use discreet, unassuming packaging so no one knows what's being delivered, and we ship with free 2-day shipping. 

Rex MD is designed for simplicity, affordability, and discretion. Getting ED meds online has never been this easy.

Don't Take Our Word For It: What Guys Are Saying About Rex MD

Men across the U.S. are getting fast and simple relief from ED

“Very easy and real nice people,I would recommend. Thanks, DW.”

"It was an easy online process. I will be a returning customer."

"I went to the dr before and it's uncomfortable trying to talk about issues, being able to have everything done so conveniently online is wonderful!!!"

"I've attempted to use two other sites and they made it exceptionally difficult and drawn out. Your system was quick and efficient."

“The agent I spoke to was very helpful and I tried a pill and was happy with the outcome and so was my girlfriend - I’m 68 and she’s 56 - even had the best morning - I was still ready to go and she was a happy camper and so was I - LOL!”