Step 1

Answer a few

Just like an in-person doctor’s visit, we first need to know about your health and current symptoms.

You’ll start your online visit by answering a few questions. This short, online survey will help your doctor evaluate your situation and make the best treatment recommendation for you, without even having to speak in person.

It’s a win-win situation. You save time, and your assigned physician begins your virtual visit with the exact medical information and history they need to make the best diagnosis possible. In order to verify your medical profile, you’ll need to upload a government-issued ID and recent "selfie" face photo for your physician to complete your initial telehealth visit. It’s for your protection and ours. Privacy and security are top of mind at REX MD, which is why we verify your identity and why your information is fully encrypted on our secure platform.

Step 2

Connect with a

We’ll connect you right away with a REX MD affiliated U.S. licensed doctors to discuss your symptoms, concerns, and potential treatment options.

If more information is necessary, or if you have questions or concerns, your assigned physician will contact you to schedule a good time to talk. This virtual visit is done by phone or by computer, so you’ll have the comfort of speaking with a doctor in your state without having to leave home. Or even your chair.

Step 3

Have your meds

If your assigned physician decides a prescription is right for you, our pharmacy partner will ship your medication straight to your door with free 2-day delivery.

REX MD’s packaging is discreet, so you’re the only one that knows what’s coming.

Step 4


Improve your symptoms and improve your lifestyle worry-free, because your membership comes with one more thing – peace of mind. Once you receive your treatment, follow-ups are free. You can reach your assigned physician through the REX MD Member Portal any time with questions, requests, or concerns.

Safe & Thorough

We’ll match you with a physician in your state. Our physicians are all U.S.-based and U.S.-licensed. They’re trained to ask the right questions. After your comprehensive assessment of lifestyle and medical history, they’ll prescribe you the medication that’s just right.

Secure & Discreet

Discretion is our middle name, which is why we provide free shipping and our packaging is unidentifiable from any other package on your porch. Our telehealth platform is fully secure, and your profile will kept private here at REX MD.

Simple & Affordable

REX MD was created to make your life easier. Get the meds you need, in the dose you want, delivered to your door without a $200 doctor’s visit or co-pay, and without all of the running around. You’ve got enough to worry about - let us handle this part.