BlueChew vs. Rex MD: Ultimate Comparison

September 22, 2021

Erectile dysfunction is a remarkably common occurrence for men, affecting over half of men over the age of 40 and increasingly common as men age into their 60s and 70s. 

Even though erectile dysfunction is normal and fairly simple to resolve in most guys, it's a sensitive issue. Guys are hesitant about mentioning the issue to their in-person physician for any number of reasons.

Telemedicine services for ED and mail order prescriptions are making it easier for men who prefer privacy and discretion to improve their sexual wellness. It’s easier to speak to a doctor remotely from the comfort of home, and for most guys, receiving a prescription at your doorstep in nondescript packaging is preferable to picking up meds from the pharmacy.

Today, telemedicine solutions are growing in popularity, though they're not all created equal.

If you’ve decided virtual care for erectile dysfunction is the best choice for you, you may feel bombarded by options. Which one will truly meet your needs?

BlueChew® and Rex MD both promise the same end-result – even if their delivery is a little different. Some people may find that one service works better for their needs than another. Here's the breakdown on Rex MD vs BlueChew.

What is BlueChew?

Bluechew is a telemedicine erectile dysfunction service that matches patients to licensed medical care providers who specialize in erectile dysfunction treatment. If the patient is a safe candidate for the use of orally administered erectile dysfunction drugs, they can receive a prescription that's filled and shipped to them.

The Pros of BlueChew

There are a few unique things about Bluechew. The first is that they don’t offer pills or tablets. They offer only chewable versions of their medication. About 40% of people report trouble swallowing tablets, and Bluechew claims to have designed their service to cater specifically to those people. 

Rather than swallow a pill, you’ll chew your Bluechew medication, which many people describe as tasting like sweetened chemicals. Most chewable medications aren’t known for their remarkable taste, so this is to be expected. Tablets you chew may be able to work faster than tablets you swallow because your body doesn’t have to work as hard to break them down. This can be more convenient in situations where an unexpected intimate situation may be on the horizon.

The Cons of BlueChew

A major catch with BlueChew is that the company doesn’t offer brandname drugs; rather, their own proprietary version of a generic medication. They use the same active ingredients as popular brand name erectile dysfunction drugs, but they combine the active ingredients with other ingredients to produce a chewable tablet.

This recipe change is the same thing that generic drug manufacturers do to create generic versions of Viagra or Cialis.

While the active ingredient in their chews is FDA-approved and generally regarded as safe, the entire chewable tablet has not been approved by the FDA. Instead, BlueChew employs compound pharmacies to turn FDA-approved ingredients like sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis) into chewable tabs. So long as they're prescribed, this is acceptable in the eyes of regulators like the FDA.

What some patients may find inconvenient about BlueChew is the way prescriptions are mailed. You receive a monthly subscription package of your erectile dysfunction drugs rather than a normal prescription. Users can receive a monthly package of 4, 7, 14, or 28 long-acting tadalafil chewables or 6, 10, 17, or 34 shorter-acting sildenafil tablets. 

Some people may like this system, but others may feel inconvenienced by it. What if you want to have sex 8 times that month and you don’t have anything left over from the month before? BlueChew comes in small foil packets instead of traditional medicine bottles. This makes it convenient to travel with a single pill, but easy to lose if you set them on your dresser to use at home. 

What is Rex MD?

Rex MD is a telemedicine service that focuses on men’s health, including sexual health. Like other services, Rex MD works entirely virtually. You fill out a medical intake form online, after which a clinician reviews your information to determine whether ED meds are appropriate. In some cases, and depending on your state, you'll interface with a doctor by chat or phone call, if necessary. Either way, those approved receive their prescription for short-acting, long-acting, or daily erectile dysfunction medication in nondescript packaging. Rex MD carries all of the most popular medications, including Viagra (sildenafil), generic sildenafil, Cialis (tadalafil), generic tadalafil, Levitra (vardenafil), and all of the doses that manufacturers make. 

The Pros of REX MD

Unlike BlueChew, Rex MD is a more comprehensive men’s health service. Rex MD offers medications for premature ejaculation and hair loss as well as erectile dysfunction. These are common issues that men face, and many men are hesitant to speak to their doctors about these sensitive subjects. With Rex MD, they can enjoy the same privacy and discretion discussing these concerns as they can when discussing erectile dysfunction. 

Rex MD also offers treatment for common conditions like acne, asthma, migraines, and seasonal allergies. This versatility and the comprehensive nature of Rex MD makes it more convenient than services like BlueChew. If you’re looking to fulfill simple healthcare or wellness needs in conjunction with erectile dysfunction treatment, Rex MD membership allows you much more flexibility.

Another pro of Rex MD is the variety of FDA-approved erectile dysfunction drugs offered, both in branded and generic form. Rex MD is akin to going to an in-person doctor due to the multitude of treatment options available. You don’t have to settle for a compounded version of a generic ingredient if that isn’t what you want. 

The Cons of REX MD

The biggest con of Rex MD is that they only offer tablets. If you need erectile dysfunction medication in an alternative form, such as a chewable or topical, Rex MD doesn’t have what you need. This won’t be a major issue for most people. 

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What BlueChew and Rex MD Have in Common

Both BlueChew and Rex MD are telemed services that offer discreet shipping of men's medications. They're both legitimate, reputable operations that connect patients to qualified clinicians using technology. BlueChew and Rex MD offer medications made by reputable labs and shipped within the United States. You’ll never receive a battered mystery package from somewhere overseas. 

With either service, your private information is kept that way – private. HIPAA compliance is important to both companies. Your medical information is stored securely and only accessed by parties relevant to your healthcare. Most people seek telemed services specifically because they want additional layers of privacy. These companies understand that and work hard to provide this privacy for their patients. 

Rex MD and BlueChew offer medications with the same active ingredients, and they both offer automatic refill or subscription services to keep you in a constant supply of erectile dysfunction medication. 

Prices at Rex MD and BlueChew can be significantly lower than standard pharmacy costs for medications with the same active ingredient. BlueChew doesn’t offer their patients brand-name Viagra, although they do produce a tablet formulated with sildenafil (the same active ingredient as Viagra). 

Rex MD offers both branded Viagra and its generic equivalent at prices substantially lower than Pfizer’s price per pill. Pfizer reports that cost at over $60 per pill. Both BlueChew and Rex MD offer the same active ingredients for less than $9 per pill. 

How BlueChew and Rex MD Are Different

Rex MD has more options and products to offer than BlueChew. If you aren't comfortable with a chewable tablet that's not been approved in its current form by the FDA, BlueChew doesn’t have a medication that will suit your needs. Rex MD has generic and name brand FDA approved erectile dysfunction medications, in conjunction with many other medications for sexual wellness and overall health. 

Rex MD also allows you to purchase tablets individually in a quantity of your choosing. You aren’t locked into subscription services with pre-set amounts of pills. If you want 20 tablets every month, you can get 20 tablets every month. You don’t have to have 14 or 28. 

The Final Verdict

If you have trouble swallowing pills, BlueChew may be a better option for you. They solve an important need for many people who cannot take normal tablets. If your inability to use most erectile dysfunction medications is acting as a barrier to your sexual health, BlueChew can solve that for you. 

If you don’t have trouble swallowing pills, Rex MD is likely the better option. It’s convenient if you’re experiencing a multitude of concerns you’d like to address with a licensed clinician: you can treat hair loss, seasonal allergies, and erectile dysfunction in a single swoop. Rex MD is also a better choice for people who are seeking a specific kind of medication. BlueChew only offers their proprietary compounded blends. Rex MD offers FDA-approved medications produced by major pharmaceutical companies.

If you’re still not sure, try a Rex MD starter pack. It’s a great way to determine if Rex MD will work well for you.

The process is simple, and an active healthy sex life is on the horizon. Click here to get started.


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Disclaimer : This article is for information only and should not be considered medical advice. Always speak with your doctor about your health and the benefits or risks of any treatment or intervention. This information should not be relied on as a substitute for professional medical advice.