The Best Sex Positions for Small Penises

May 29, 2024
4 mins

When it comes to sex, there’s this idea that bigger automatically equals better. But the truth is, that being good at sex has less to do with the size of your penis and more to do with what you do with what you have. 

A “small penis” is scientifically considered to be less than five inches long when fully erect. So, if you’re on the smaller side, you shouldn’t feel like you’re not enough for your partner or that you won’t be able to stimulate them. In fact, if you take the time to learn what your partner likes and are attentive to their needs, you’re sure to wow them with your moves. 

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to indulge your partner’s desires, there are some sex positions that might give you some extra depth and allow for more stimulation for you and your partner. 

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Doggy style is a classic sex position and a fan-favorite. In doggy, your partner will bed over onto their hands and knees while you penetrate them from behind. Your partner’s position can be modified for even deeper penetration by getting on their elbows and knees or bending over the bed. 

During intercourse, hold onto their hips or waist for extra leverage, or leave your hands free to stimulate other erogenous zones like the clitoris for a woman, the testicles for a man, or nipples on anyone. 


Sometimes referred to as the face-off, this sex position is perfect for men with smaller penises. Sit on the edge of a couch, chair, or bed and have your partner straddle you so that you’re face to face. 

Your partner can “wiggle” about in different motions and at different speeds. This position is less about “in and out” penetration and more about the movement inside your partner, which is why the size of your penis won’t matter. 

The face-to-face also lets you kiss your partner during sex and puts you in a great position for nipple play and other erogenous zone play. Try wearing a cock ring for more clitoral stimulation for your partner!

A Leg-up

The leg-up is a way to switch up missionary, especially if you’re looking to show off some more depth during sex. With your partner laying on their back, lift one of their legs and lay it on your shoulder. As you thrust in and out, keep hold of their lifted leg as leverage.


In this position, you’ll be laying on your back while your partner faces you in a straddle. Cowgirl allows your partner to be more in control of movements. She’ll be able to grind back and forth or bounce up and down at different speeds. 

For a fuller sensation for her, try placing one or more pillows under your hips to increase your partner’s range of motion.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is similar to cowgirl, except that your partner will face the opposite direction – away from you. From there, your partner can lean forward for more support or sit straight on top of you. Again, this position lets your partner take control so that she can adjust her movement to enhance her pleasure. 

In this position, you can hold onto your partner’s butt or breasts for extra play.

The Ballet Dancer

The ballet dancer is a standing sex position where you’ll stand face to face with your partner. She’ll have one leg wrapped around your waist during penetration, and you’ll embrace each other for support. If you’re feeling wobbly, do this leaning against a wall with your partner sitting on the edge of a table, counter, or even the bathroom sink.

This position helps you and your partner get physically close enough for extra depth, giving you both an intimate and fulfilling experience.

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