Erectile Dysfunction

Rex MD Case Study: Ten Years of Struggling

October 16, 2020

We hear from guys struggling with erectile dysfunction every day, and their experiences span the spectrum. Some men can't get an erection at all, and others just feel like they're not as strong as they once were

 But there's almost always a common thread: ED is a major strain on their life. J.L. in Arkansas struggled with ED for ten years before getting the help he needed from Rex MD. And it was worth it, he says:

I'm a 66 year old man that was having problems with E.D. Things started getting difficult at around 55. Slowly it was harder and harder to achieve an erection, or sometimes I had trouble finishing. You know how disappointing that is for everybody. For about 10 years I struggled at about 50 percent or less it felt like. 

Although it wasn't a constant problem, it was very annoying. I first tried over the counter meds but all they did was give me headaches and higher than normal blood pressure. 

Finally at 66 and feeling very unsatisfied with my sex life I decided to look for help. That's where I came across Rex MD. Filling out the required information was easy. They do ask a lot of questions about your medical history but that's a good thing because a real doctor writes your prescription. 

Once the medications arrived I did something that might sound crazy. I took the bottle and showed it to my wife. I told her what it was because, let's face it guys, if she's not interested what's the use. Anyway, sex is great now. Maybe it's something psychological on her part but I don't care. So what are you waiting for: live with your E.D. or enjoy life?!

You don't have to live with ED, and medical help is available. Rex MD connects guys like J.L. with registered physicians to get the right diagnosis and the right medication quickly and from the comfort of home. Some guys know exactly what they need, and others are first-timers looking for guidance. Either way, Rex MD helps men get the most popular ED medications like Cialis, Viagra, and their cheaper generic versions at great prices, if approved. 

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