ED Basics

Is E.D. Reversible?

August 27, 2020

It might surprise you just how common erectile dysfunction (ED) is. More than 50% of men will be affected by ED at some point, and ED medications are some of the most commonly written prescriptions in the U.S. 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Good news: Erectile dysfunction is treatable. ED is also reversible. 

First, let's talk treatment. 

Medications like Viagra® (sildenafil) and Cialis® (tadalafil) are highly effective in treating the symptoms of ED and helping men get full and lasting erections. They're cheap, easy to use (taken just before sexual intimacy), and safe for most men. 

They're so popular and effective, Viagra® sales peaked at over $2 billion EACH YEAR before the drug became available as generic sildenafil in 2017. 

Second, ED is reversible for many men.

Good News: ED Is Reversible

ED has a variety of causes, and many of the underlying health conditions that contribute to ED are addressable just by changes to your lifestyle. 

Common causes of ED include obesity, stress, depression, diabetes, alcoholism, and even other medications. Many of these are addressable with the right interventions and medical help, and alleviating them can in turn alleviate the symptoms of ED. 

Some of the quickest ways to reverse ED:

- Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting regular exercise

- Having a good emotional support system or physician in place to deal with mental health issues like stress, anxiety or depression

- Addressing chronic health issues like diabetes with the right interventions and regular health checkups

- Reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption

- Identifying medications that may be causing or contributing to ED, with the consult of a registered physician

It's worth talking to your physician about whether any other underlying health conditions are contributing to your ED problems. This may especially be the case if you recognize that you've had major health changes. Weight gain and stress are both substantial contributing factors, and for many men these issues set in around the same time that ED prevalence begins to rise - in your 30s, 40s, and 50s as professional stresses and family requirements change how much time you have to yourself. 


ED can also create substantial burdens for men, including depression and anxiety around sexual performance. This can be a challenging cycle, as anxiety from ED can in turn contribute to ED.

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