Telehealth and Rex MD: Legit ED Meds, Online

September 29, 2020

Men have been trying to buy Viagra® online since this potent erectile dysfunction med was approved by the FDA over 20 years ago. (And probably before.)

People have also been trying to sell ED meds online since then too. But until only a few years ago, most of the online Viagra® was either fake – made & sold by bad actors – or the real deal but sold through illegal back channels. 

Now, telehealth platforms like Rex MD are bringing real ED meds to guys anywhere legally, with the simplicity and affordability of ordering online from home and the safety and guarantee of real doctors and pharmacy fulfillment. 

Here's how Rex MD works and what real guys are saying. 

Is Rex MD Legit?

Rex MD makes it easy to buy men's health and ED medications online. As you probably already know, the most effective and popular erectile dysfunction treatments – Viagra®, Cialis®, and Levitra® – all require a doctor's prescription to acquire. 

For decades, that's been the big hurdle to being able to order ED pills online. Without a doctor's evaluation and prescription, they simply aren't available (through legitimate channels anyway). 

Rex MD solves this problem with telehealth, the ability to conduct physician visits virtually by phone, by video chat, by messaging, and through online questionnaires. 

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the concept of accessing healthcare from a distance, and the rise of telehealth since 2010 parallels the rise of easy-to-use video platforms, high-speed internet access, and improved phone functionality.

Now more than ever you can reach a healthcare provider from the comfort of home. Many family physicians and insurance companies offer quick and usually less expensive access to their doctors or nurses for simple health issues and assessments like rashes, ear aches, colds, and the flu. Keeping you out of the doctor's office lowers overhead expenses for the physician, makes for happier patients who don't have to travel or take time off work, and reduces burden on the healthcare system overall as more people can simply stay home. 

At Rex MD, we've built a platform of trusted, licensed physicians who work with men to make sure they get the right medication for their health situation. If it's not a good fit or they're not convinced a patient is healthy enough for a particular medication, they don't write the prescription.  

Our members order men's health meds online and fill out a medical questionnaire (called our Virtual Visit). Their Rex MD physician examines the assessment and makes a decision regarding their order. If approved, the doctor writes a prescription for that medication and the order is in the mail by the end of the next day. 

For most Rex MD members, they're getting legitimate ED meds at their door within the week. 

Legit ED Meds Online

We've built our platform around legitimacy and security, and we've made vetting our medications just as important as the doctors and connections we use every day. 

All Rex MD medications come from established and verified partners: whether that's our fulfilling pharmacy or our product manufacturers. Rex MD is approved, verified by the most rigorous online pharmacy and telehealth vetting organization available to ensure that our customers receive full transparency and the best branded and generic medications. 

Our physicians are board-certified, U.S. based doctors, often in the very state from which you're ordering based on federal law requirements.

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Rex MD Reviews From Real Guys

Men across the U.S. are using Rex MD to access doctor-sanctioned ED meds online, and since our launch in 2019 Rex MD reviews have consistently demonstrated the value of this platform. 

Billy C. writes:

It all started about five years ago. I was having a lot of trouble with getting an erection and once I got it it wouldn't stay hard - very frustrating. I'd thought of going to the doctors but it embarrassed me to even think of saying anything to her and that made it worse. My doctor was a woman. 

I tried other things but they made me sick and I wouldn't feel good for about two days afterwards - not good. Believe it or not one day I'm on Facebook and I see this website for RexMD, so I checked it out and it was pretty easy getting what I wanted. And now I get a prescription sent to me once a month at a good price and I'm very pleased with everything, especially my sex life. Thank you RexMD.

L.W. writes:

I started to experience erectile problems about a year before my 50th birthday. I had never experienced anything like this in my life. The shame and disappointment I felt was horrible. I first contacted your company months before and was told I needed to send my blood pressure readings before receiving medication. About a month later I was diagnosed as being diabetic. I made several changes in my life as a result of this new diagnosis. 

I contacted your company later and received excellent customer service. The process was easy and professional. The whole process was very easy and the doctor and customer service were very understanding. 

Word is spreading, and you can find more Rex MD reviews online from platforms like Trustpilot, Consumers Advocate, and many more reviews of Rex MD.

Rex MD members get medicines they trust at prices they want. And they can access a U.S. physician – without leaving home – any time they need through the Rex MD Dashboard. Start your virtual visit today.