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Did you know that the average man needs a 50-100 mg dosage of sildenafil (generic Viagra) to get results? Now consider that many of our competitors sell (5) 20mg pills as their substitute for (1) genuine 100mg pill of generic Viagra.

At REX MD, our customers get the real deal. 100mg sildenafil and Cialis (Tadalafil) for up to 85% off.

With REX MD, you’re saving a whole lot of time and a whole lot of money. Why take 5 sildenafil pills to do what you can do with just one? We still haven’t heard a good answer.

  • Generic Viagra
  • Cialis Daily
  • Sildenafil
  • Tadalafil
Brand 100mg Sildenafil Price per Dosage
100mg $10.00
100mg $34.00
100mg $24.00
Brand Cialis Daily, 30 day supply Price per Dosage
2.5 or 5mg $90/month
2.5 or 5mg $240/month
2.5 or 5mg $240/month
Brand Pills And Dosage Price Per Dosage
1 pill, 100mg $10.00
x5 pills, 20mg $10.00
x5 pills, 20mg $10.00-$15.00
Brand Pills And Dosage Price Per Dosage
2.5, 5mg $10.00
10, 20mg $20.00
10, 20mg $44.00
2.5, 5mg $11.00
20mg $33.00
5,10mg $22.00
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The REX MD Process

Private Online Visit

Tell us privately about your medical history and symptoms

Free, Personalized Review

A licensed physician will provide the right treatment plan for you

Fast, Discreet Shipping

Your medication will ship out in discreet packaging within two days

Why choose REX MD?

We’re just as tired of the wait for doctor’s appointments, the crowded waiting rooms, and let’s not forget the awkward conversations. At Rex, we make it fast and simple. Within minutes, a personally assigned doctor can prescribe you the prescription E.D. medication you may need. Not only is Rex MD simpler, it’s also cheaper. At the local pharmacy, these medications can cost you anywhere from $100 to $300 per month. We’ve cut out the middleman, which is why we can provide our customers with the exact same medications for up to 85% cheaper than what you would normally pay.

With REX, you get:

  • Real E.D. Medications
  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • Free Consult with US-licensed physicians
  • Personalized treatment

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You don’t belong in the 40%

Up to 40% of men experience E.D. by age 40.

Real Members. Real Reviews.

Real Members.
Real Reviews.

Jerry, from New York

"This was a lot easier than I expected. Really great service, I got my medication 2 days after talking with the doctor. Thanks Rex MD!"

Mark, from California

"This is just what they say, the real deal! Purchased 100mg Viagra for a fraction of what I've paid before... online and from my pharmacy. My #1 choice."

Ben, from Nevada

"Just got my order, super simple consultation, the package arrived discretely as well in a brown box, super impressed when I opened it. Great work guys!"

Michael, From Washington

"Yeah, I was pretty skeptical on this at first... but holy ****! This service is awesome."

Cameron, from Illinois

"Great service, delivered in like 48 hours. This is hands down the best price I've come across for E.D. online. I've tried several services this one blows the others away."

Real Doctors

Coverage in 46 States.

Anthony Puopolo, MD
Richard Blanchar, MD
Julie Zivin, MD

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