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Primary Care
Online Medical Visits

At Rex MD, we believe in cutting out the hassle. Thanks to telehealth, we’ve done that for primary care visits. It’s never been easier to access primary care, completely digitally, through our telehealth platform.

  • No more waiting for appointments.
  • No more waiting rooms.
  • Just answers for your medical needs.

+ Available in all 50 states and Washington DC

If there is an emergency and you are experiencing severe symptoms such as bleeding, please call 911 or seek in-person medical care immediately

Simpler with Telehealth

The best part about telehealth? If you require a prescription and are appropriate for treatment, one of our health care providers can write you one the same day, and you can have your medication rush delivered or pick it up yourself at your local pharmacy.

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Real Care with Rex MD

With our telehealth platform, it’s easy to connect with one of our US-licensed
clinicians to seek treatment for common primary care conditions.

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Treatments for:


Treatments for:

Primary Care

The way you’ve always wanted.

Thanks to technology, primary care is now simpler
and faster than ever before. No nonsense, no
appointments or massive waits, just a streamlined
visit through your computer or phone.


The Process

Quick questionnaire

We’ll ask you a couple of quick medical questions. Afterwards, a clinician will review your answers and issue you a prescription, if appropriate.

Free rush delivery

Your selected medication will be delivered for free in discreet packaging. We’ll also include some helpful info to make sure you get the best out of it.

Clinician support

Chat with a medical expert whenever you need. We’ve got your back whenever, on the phone, or via email.

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